TVA Certificate Exam

        Glad to share the update that TVA has approved for us to conduct the next TVA certificate exams on Sunday, May 17th at both our TAGDV centers(DE & PA). The venue and timing will be announced later. Registration deadline is March 15th, 2020. We must receive all the forms with payment on or before 3/15/20 by post or in person. No late applications will be accepted.
      Recently TVA has set up a new rule that all students willing to take TVA exams in May must register by December of previous year. That means any first time student should have registered with TVA by 12/31/19 to take exam this May. For those who wish to take Intermediate/Advanced exams, if they’ve taken Basic/Intermediate exam already, they don’t need to register again. Use the student ID you got from Basic/Intermediate exam registration.

TVA Registration Process

Go to and follow the instructions to enroll the students. Please have the below ready before registering the student
1. Name of the student in Tamil & English with correct spelling matching the name on the passport/birth certificate.
2. Passport size photograph of the student scanned and less than 2MB
3. Course like to join – Certificate
4. Contact center – Tamil Association of Greater Delaware Valley (TAGDV), USA
5. Name verification proof documents (any two) – scanned copies of birth certificate, state identification card, or first pages of the US passport or first & last pages of the Indian passport.
6. When it asks about paying for the exam, you can click pay later and the fees should be paid through check payment made to TAGDV while submitting the exam applications.
7. Upon completing the enrollment, please note down the student Id that is generated and the email and password you used to enroll. This will be needed in the future to refer back and edit anything if needed. Take a screenshot and save it for your future reference.
To take any (Basic/Intermediate/Advanced) levels of TVA certificate exam please follow below guidelines to complete the attached Examination Application (paper copy) with a small passport size photo affixed on the top right corner box. Use the instructions found below to complete the registration form.
Instructions to complete the exam application:
1. Print page 1 of this attachment only.
2. Fill up questions – 1, 2, 3, 4 – self -explanatory. For Q#1, fill up their names in Tamil & English clearly
and letters not touching each other, the spelling of names must match the spelling of the names in the
proof documents. Otherwise, TVA will not approve.
3. Q# 5: TAGDV Tamil School, USA
4. Q# 6: May / 2020
5. Q# 7: Basic Exam / Intermediate Exam / Advanced Exam
6. Q# 8: BB00 for basic exam / BM00 for intermediate exam / BA00 for advanced exam
7. Q# 9: N/A
8. Q# 10: Leave the payment details and signature blank. Students must sign while checking in at the
exam hall.
9. Q# 11: N/A
10. Q#12: Please provide the name, phone number, mailing address, and email address of the parent. We
need this to contact for any needed clarifications.

1. Include copies of the same two proof documents (birth certificate, state identification card, or first page of US passport or first & last pages of Indian passport) used during enrollment process(Step#1 above).
2. Make a payment check for $25 made payable to ‘TAGDV’.
3. Handover your application packet to your school coordinator if you are registering through your Tamil School or if you are registering individually, mail all the above three items before 3/15/19 to one of the below addresses based on which center you will be choosing:
             Delaware Center: Veni Jayakumar, 2 Pear Drive, Bear, DE 19701.
             Pennsylvania Center: Alli Natesh, 120 Kent Dr, North Wales, PA 19454.
4. For syllabus, textbook, etc please visit:

If there are any questions and clarification write it to or reach at 484-905 -2897, Prema, Student Enrichment Coordinator.
Best wishes to all the students!!!
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