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** Holiday – Nov 25 ** 
  அடுத்த வகுப்பு/Next Class:   Dec 02 2022, Friday
  தொடக்க நேரம்/Drop-off Time: 6:15 PM EST  
  அடுத்த தேர்வு/Next Assessment:  March 03 2023, Friday 

  முடிவு நேரம்/Pickup Time:

    • Mun Mazhalai – 7:50 PM EST
    • Mazhalai – 7:55 PM EST
    • Nilai 1 – 8:05 PM EST
    • Nilai 2 – 8:15 PM EST
    • Nilai 3 – 8:20 PM EST
    • Nilai 4 – 8:30 PM EST
    • Nilai 5, 6, 7 – 8:35 PM EST

****   Attention 2021-22 Parents  ****

Certifications & Awards for 2021-22 

22021- 22 Course Completion Certificate:  

Distribution completed for all continuing students on Oct 28th.

For Other Students, communication will be sent out soon.

2021-22 ETP Award:

Distributed to all students on the Annual day held on June 04th 2022.

For those who couldn’t attend the annual day and continuing this year  – Distribution completed on Nov 4th and Nov 11th in their classes.

For other students, more communication will be sent out soon.

In case if you moved to other state then please let us know the updated address where the certificates & awards to be mailed.

Please email to etp@s.tagdv.org for any questions/clarifications. 

Say NO to

  • Any hurtful repeated action or word that involves misuse of power.
  • Verbal – Taunting, name-calling, put-downs, threats, intimidation, spreading rumors
  • Physical – Hitting, kicking, destruction of people and/or property
  • Relational (Emotional) – Rejecting/excluding peers
Before Friday 3 PM EST
Before Friday 5 PM EST

Upcoming Events :



December 2022 : Much awaited TAGDV Holiday event 2022 – For more details – Click here 

Date – December 03 2022, Saturday 

Venue – PS Dupont Middle School, 701 W.34th Street, Wilmington, DE 19802.

[Registration Closed on – Nov 05 Sat 8 PM EST]

December 10 & 11 2022 – ATA 4th Annual Day (Virtual) – For more details – Click here

[Registration Closed on – Nov 06 Sunday 8 PM EST]

TVA Exams 2023 – Classes will be starting soon – More details to follow 

Our School

The Exton Tamil Palli is an outreach program of TAGDV (Tamil Association of Greater Delaware Valley) that seeks to impart oral and written skills of the Tamil language to the children of the greater Delaware community. Our school is the third Tamil school started under TAGDV.


TAGDV (Tamil Association of Greater Delaware Valley) is one of the oldest non-profit Tamil organisations in USA. TAGDV was founded in 1970 by Indian expatriates from Tamil Nadu, India and serves the geographical tri-state area around Philadelphia includes the South East PA, Southern New Jersey, and Delaware.

Contact info

Lionville Middle School
550 W Uwchlan Ave, Exton, PA 19341
Principal: Viswanathan Subramanian Ramakrishnan (etp@s.tagdv.org)
Vice Principal: Savitha Kandasamy (vp.etp@s.tagdv.org)
Treasurer: Saravanan Krishnan (treasurer.etp@s.tagdv.org)
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