Where I should come?
 – Downingtown Middle School
  115 Rock Raymond Rd,
  Downingtown, PA 19335
When 2023-24 academic year school opens?

  – September 8th 2023 Friday 

When I should come for drop-off?
  – Students should be dropped off at the door/entrance by (every) Friday 6:15 PM EST
Can I accompany my kid to the classroom?
 – No. As per Downingtown Area School District (DASD) guidelines – No parents are allowed inside.
   ETP Team and Volunteers will walk students to their respective classes. 
Who will be available at the Pickup/Drop off point:
 – ETP Core Committee Team will be available by the door/entrance. 
How I can identify ETP Core Committee Team?
 – ETP Core Committee Team will be wearing Yellow tag/lanyards. 
   Please note: Teachers will be wearing Green tag/lanyards and Volunteers will be wearing Blue tags/lanyards. 
Will there be Car lane for Pickup/drop off?
 – No. Parents should park their vehicle in the Parking lot and walk the kids to Pickup/Drop-off point.
Can I park the car in front of the Pickup/Drop off point with amber lights on?
 – No. Road will be closed for vehicles near the Pickup/drop off point
Will there be any security personal available during our session?
 – ETP will  be signing a contract with Signal88 Security Services, a security personal will be available during our event.
What students should bring to school?
 – Students should bring their Textbook, Workbook, notebook, pencil and a water bottle.
[Textbooks will be given to all registered students on the first day of the school]
   Snacks will be provided by ETP.
All students will get snacks?
 – Yes. All students will receive snacks from ETP.
Which Classroom my kid is assigned to?
– Parents would have received an email with class teacher and classroom information.
Classroom Map:

I can see multiple classes in one Classroom, why is it that?

 – Since it is a middle school – we will have enough place to accommodate ~ 20 students in one classroom.
   Based on student count in each Nilai we have allocated classrooms accordingly. 
   Though multiple classes conducted in same room, each teacher classes will be separated/seated.
When I should come for pickup?
 – Please come as per below timings. If any student had to wait for their siblings’ classes to end, they will be seated in the waiting room till parents arrive.
     Pickup Time:
      • Mun Mazhalai – 7:50 PM EST
      • Mazhalai – 7:55 PM EST
      • Nilai 1 – 8:05 PM EST
      • Nilai 2 – 8:15 PM EST
      • Nilai 3 – 8:20 PM EST
      • Nilai 4 – 8:30 PM EST
      • Nilai 5, 6, 7 – 8:35 PM EST
What ETP Team expects from Parents?
 – ETP Team expects full cooperation from Parents to run in-school successfully.
   Please try to be on time for Pickup/Drop-off.
   Please let Teachers know in case if student will be absent for the class.
Can I give my suggestions/feedbacks to ETP Team?
 – YES Please. Please provide your feedbacks/suggestions about any of the ETP activities in the below URL.
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