Registration deadline was March 31st, 2022

TVA Exam Application Form     <– Click here to download TVA Registration Form


The next Tamil Virtual Academy’s Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced level certificate exams will be conducted on Saturday, May 21st 2022 . The venue and timing will be announced later. Registration deadline is March 31st, 2022. We must receive all the forms with payment on or before 3/31/22 by post or in person.  No late applications will be accepted. Application form is attached with this email. 


The fees will be the same as last year. Students who are members of TAGDV will pay $30 and non-members will pay $35 for taking TVA exams. Students need to have valid TAGDV membership by the time of submitting the TVA applications.   


Please submit the completed applications with passport size photo affixed, any two proof documents[birth certificate, state identification card, first pages of the US passport or first & last pages of the Indian passport], and payment check made payable to ‘TAGDV’ and submit physical application packets on or before 3/31/22 to Principal, Exton Tamil Palli. 


For syllabus, textbook, etc please visit: 

Previous years’ question papers can be found at:  under ‘Sample Question Papers’. 


For the students taking basic exam – parents can visit the website, click the student details – there is an online registration form. Please make sure the spelling of names in Tamil and English are correct. Parents can complete this form and submit online. Once the submission is completed, they will get the student ID. This student id and name will be needed to register the student for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level exams. Please save this information for future use.  


For the students who wish to take Intermediate exam: 

a) if they’ve taken Basic exam already, they don’t need to register again. Use the student ID you got from Basic exam registration.  

b) if they never took Basic exam and would like to take the Intermediate exam directly, they can do so depending on the ability of the student and proficiency of Tamil determined by their Tamil teachers. They still need to register online and get the student ID as it is their first time taking TVA exam. 


Attention new registrants:

  1. Choose Tamil School, Tamil Association of Greater Delaware Valley as the contact center and must upload two valid proof documents.   
  2. Upload two valid proof documents
  3. Upload recent professional looking picture of the student similar to passport size.

For those who wish to take Advanced exams, if they’ve taken Basic/Intermediate exam already, they don’t need to register again. Use the student ID you got from Basic/Intermediate exam registration.  


To take any (Basic/Intermediate/Advanced) levels of TVA certificate exam please follow these below guidelines. 

Instructions to complete the exam application:1. Print page 1 of this attachment only.2. Fill up questions – 1, 2, 3, 4 – self -explanatory. For Q#1, fill up their names in Tamil & English clearly and letters not touching each other, the spelling of names must match the spelling of the names in the proof documents. Otherwise, TVA will not approve.3. Q# 5: TAGDV Tamil School, USA4. Q# 6: May / 2022  

5. Q# 7: Basic / Intermediate Exam / Advanced Exam  

6. Q# 8: BB00 for Basic exam / BM00 for intermediate exam / BA00 for advanced exam  

7. Q# 9: N/A  

8. Q# 10: Leave the payment details and signature blank. Students must sign while checking in at the exam hall.   

9. Q# 11: N/A  

10. Q#12: Please provide the name, phone number, mailing address, and email address of the parent. We need this to contact for any needed clarifications.   

Mrs. Evangelin Jerome will be the coordinator for the PA center. For questions, please contact: Evangelin Jerome: 
or reach Exton Tamil Palli
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